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Templates with Looks & Brains

Take a peek at our gallery of sleek, professional templates. Whether it’s newsletters, announcements, or promotions, we’re confident that you’ll meet your perfect match. They’re all incredibly versatile, easy to customize, and look great on mobile!

Email Personalization

Direct Mail allows you to make every email unique using our powerful mail-merge tags. Personally address each individual recipient with their first and last name, company name, and up to 15 other fields, or tailor custom content using powerful if-else logic.

Mail-merge tags in Direct Mail

Email Client–riffic

Our brilliant Design Tests let you effortlessly preview your newsletter in over 30 popular email clients. Instantly identify and fix any design issues your subscribers may encounter on email clients like Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook as well as iOS and Android. Time and headache savings? Check!

Design testing in Direct Mail

Instantaneous Preview

Live previews update as you type, showing you exactly what each of your recipients will see. Behind the scenes, we’ll even generate a plain–text version automatically and perform special CSS tricks to make your email look great.

Instantaneous design preview in Direct Mail

Spam Test & Link Validator

Find out if your message will run into any spam filter snags before it even goes out, and let Direct Mail check your message for broken links.

Plays Nice with Other Templates

Our feelings won’t be hurt if you’d rather use someone else’s template. In fact, we make it easy by allowing you to use templates from Apple Mail, Mail Designer, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or any other HTML document.

Drag & Drop Images

Say so long to slow, clumsy image uploads. With Direct Mail, drag images from your screen and drop them right in to your newsletter. We’ll make sure they look great—including on Retina displays!

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