If Direct Mail is failing to open on your Mac, or you see an error message indicating that Direct Mail "unexpectedly quit", please visit this support page to learn how to fix the problem.

  • About Email Marketing

    Effective ways to grow your list, dangers of purchased lists, improving click-through rate, email frequency.

  • Accounts

    Signing in, monitoring access, changing passwords, disabled accounts.

  • API

    Use the Direct Mail API to programmatically access and update data inside your Direct Mail projects

  • Autoresponders

    Use autoresponders to automatically trigger email campaigns based on the criteria and events you choose.

  • Cloud Collaboration

    Access your Direct Mail project from multiple Macs, or share it with other Direct Mail users.

  • Creating and Editing Messages

    Using templates, adding unsubscribe links, personalizing with mail-merge tags and conditional logic, image and web hosting.

  • Design Tests

    Design Tests show you full-size screenshots of what your email looks like when viewed in a variety of email clients.

  • General

    About Direct Mail projects, troubleshooting steps, system requirements, upgrading.

  • Integrations

    Integrate Direct Mail with other Mac apps, web apps, and databases that you already use.

  • Managing Mailing Lists

    Adding contacts, importing, segmenting, handling bounces and unsubscribes, spam complaints.

  • Purchasing

    Pricing plans, free plan, VAT, licensing, upgrading from previous versions.

  • Sending Your Campaign

    e3 Delivery Service, using your own mail server, email authentication, avoiding the spam folder, scheduling deliveries.

  • Stamps for iOS

    Track your email campaign results on the go with Stamps, an iOS companion app to Direct Mail for your iPhone or iPad.

  • Subscribe Forms

    Creating subscribe forms, adding subscribe forms to your website or Facebook page, syncing subscribe forms with Direct Mail.

  • Tracking Campaign Performance

    Understanding campaign performance, comparing and sharing campaign reports.