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Important changes in Direct Mail 3

Direct Mail 3 includes over 100 enhancements. Read our blog post for highlights on some of the major changes. An extended list of changes can be found below.


  • Now requires macOS 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or better
  • All new user interface optimized for ease-of-use and efficiency
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Rewritten from the ground up to support huge mailing lists and extensive histories while maintaining fast performance and quick load and save times
  • History reports, subscribe forms, and account information update on-the-fly, instead of having to click or wait to refresh
  • 64-bit for speed and to take advantage of the latest macOS technologies
  • You can now use Direct Mail while your email sends in the background
  • Direct Mail now supports sending multiple mailing concurrently


  • Brand new, fully-featured message template editor with a set of custom-designed email templates
  • "From Name" and "From Email" are now free-form, and not tied to a specific SMTP account
  • Use the new "Preview Text" message header to customize what your recipients see in their email client before they open the message
  • Exposed the Reply-To, Cc, Bcc, and other headers in the Message menu
  • Use QuickLook to preview your message attachments
  • Removed the rich text content type; choose from Plain Text or HTML
  • Automatic generation of the plain text alternative from the HTML source is now smarter (shows URLs for links, etc.)
  • New template browser to view the templates installed on your Mac
  • Mark certain templates as your favorites
  • Use Apple Mail Stationery, Equinux, Jumsoft, or other Apple Mail-compatible stationery as email templates
  • Use email templates from MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or free HTML email templates on the web
  • Drag and drop photos or logos to create beautiful composite images
  • Add or remove content from your emails with a single click
  • Import other files or web pages as email templates
  • New mail-merge tags for viewing your email in a web browser, sharing on Twitter, or liking on Facebook
  • New mail-merge tags to let your recipients unsubscribe or update their email address (no subscription groups required)
  • Easy-to-use Photo Browser for adding images to your emails
  • One-click access to edit the HTML source of your emails
  • New conditional mail-merge tags (if, else, etc.)
  • Specify a "fallback" if a value doesn't exist for a mail-merge tag (i.e. use [first name,fallback=Friend] to say "Hello Friend" if no first name is found)
  • Images in your message and the web version of the message itself are now automatically hosted on the web for you at no additional cost


  • Addresses can now live in more than one address group. Updating a contact in one group will update the contact in other groups that contact has been added to.
  • New "Smart Groups" to segment your list based on over 30 different criteria
  • Separate First Name, Last Name, and Company Name fields
  • Smarter importing options for updating or replacing contacts that already exist in your group
  • Get more information about each of your contacts: date added, most recent location, email client, emails received, open rate, click rate, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface to add subscribe form to any group (no more subscription groups) with logos, custom fields
  • One-click access to raw subscribe form HTML if you want to customize your own
  • See instantly when someone subscribes, unsubscribes, or updates their email address
  • Import CSV files by dragging and dropping to Direct Mail
  • Better exporting functionality: all data is now available for export from Direct Mail.
  • Double-click the addresses table to insert a new address


  • Brand new user interface
  • One-page summary of each campaign shows essential history stats at a glance
  • Select multiple campaigns to easy compare (via table and charts) which one was more effective
  • More detailed information on each recipient, including email client used and geolocation
  • New user-editable Notes field to store notes about each campaign
  • See a detailed activity report for each recipient: the time, location, and email client used to view the message or click a link
  • New charts for viewing campaign activity or comparing campaigns
  • Detailed information on email bounces (hard or soft and the reason it bounced)
  • See which subscribers filed spam complaints against your mailing
  • See which subscribers unsubscribed from your campaign
  • People that file spam complaints are automatically unsubscribed
  • Automatically unsubscribe hard bounces
  • Automatically create groups with email addresses selected from your history report
  • If you are a Daylite user, mailings are now automatically linked to your Daylite contacts

e3 Delivery Service

One-click purchasing of email credits (pricing subject to change) New monthly subscription plans for frequent senders (pricing subject to change)

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