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Mobile-optimized templates

Don't worry, every template that comes built in to Direct Mail has been engineered to look great in today's most popular email clients—including mobile, web-based, and Windows email clients. Since mobile devices are now the most popular way to read email, we've gone the extra mile and added adaptive layouts to some of our templates to make them really shine when viewed on a small screen (like a smartphone). This type of design is called responsive design.

Responsive Templates

  • Basic
  • Blocks
  • Bulletin
  • Cards
  • CraftMail
  • Headlines
  • Invite
  • Letter
  • Modern Mail
  • Storesletter
  • Talk

Previewing Templates on Mobile

There are three different ways you can see what your email will look like on a small (i.e. mobile-sized) screen:

Preview Window

The Preview window can be resized to same dimensions as many popular mobile devices. Open Preview, then click on the Screen Size popup menu. As the window resizes, you can see how your newsletter will look on screens of a comparable size.

Preview on iPhone

You can also use our "Preview on iPhone" feature to get a preview of your message pushed straight to your iPhone or iPad. Open the Preview window and click "Preview on iPhone/iPad".

Design Tests

You can use our Design Tests feature to see what your message will look like when viewed on a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

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