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Previewing email on mobile devices

There are three ways you can preview what your email will look like when it is viewed on a mobile device (like an iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or Android device):

  • Use the Screen Size feature in the Preview window to approximate what your email will look like on a mobile-sized screen.
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, install our free app Stamps and push live previews to your device.
  • Use our design test feature to see what your email looks like when opened in over 30 email clients across a variety of devices.

Previewing With Stamps on iPhone or iPad

You'll need to have Stamps installed on your iPhone and/or iPad. Once you've installed Stamps:

  1. Open Direct Mail.
  2. Switch to the Messages tab and click Preview in the toolbar.
  3. Click Preview on iPhone/iPad in the toolbar.

If your preview does not appear on your iPhone or iPad within a few seconds, check to make sure that you've signed in to your Direct Mail Account in Stamps and that you've enabled Push Notifications for Stamps.

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