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Upgrading from Direct Mail 3 to Direct Mail 4

You can upgrade from Direct Mail 3 to Direct Mail 4 for free. In order to upgrade, just open Direct Mail and choose Direct Mail > Check for Software Update from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Note that Direct Mail 4 now requires macOS 10.7 at minimum. If your installed version of macOS is too old, you will not be offered the upgrade.

What's New

For a comprehensive list of what's new in Direct Mail 4, please read the release notes.

Migrating to Direct Mail 4

If you're familiar with using Direct Mail 3, you'll feel right at home in Direct Mail 4. However, there are some under-the-hood changes that power users of Direct Mail 3 may want to be aware of:

Open and Click Rates

Open, click, unsubscribe, and complaint rates are now calculated based on the number of delivered emails, as opposed to the number of recipients. The number of delivered emails is equal to the number of recipients minus the number of bounced emails.

Unsubscribe Clicks

Clicks on the unsubscribe link are no longer counted towards a campaigns total number of clicks.

Hard Bounces

Direct Mail no longer automatically unsubscribes hard bounces. Instead, bounced addresses are automatically skipped when the next campaign is sent.


In Direct Mail 3, message attachments were not saved as part of the project. Instead, a reference to the attachment was saved. If referenced file was later deleted, or if the project was moved to a new Mac, the reference would break. Starting in Direct Mail 4, attachments are now copied into the project package itself. If you make a change to a file after it has already been attached, you'll need to delete the attachment and re-attach.

Daylite Linking

In Direct Mail 3, if you had Daylite linking enabled, campaigns would be linked to Daylite immediately upon clicking "Send"—even if the campaign was scheduled to send at a later date. This has been corrected in Direct Mail 4. Campaigns will only be linked once they have actually sent. If linking fails for any reason (for example, Daylite is not open when the campaign sends), then you can manually link later by choosing File > Link to Daylite from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Pricing Plan Names

The names of our pricing plans have changed slightly:

  • Pay As You Go is now Pay Per Email Plan
  • Pay Monthly is now Unlimited Plan
  • Pay Once is now SMTP Plan

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