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Changing the message color scheme

Some templates include multiple color schemes (different background colors, text colors, etc.). If you do not like the default color scheme, you can change it. Here's how:

  • Choose Format > Color Scheme from the menu bar, or
  • Click the Color Scheme popup menu at the bottom of the window

If the Color Scheme option is not available, it means that the particular template you are using does not support multiple color schemes.

Custom Color Schemes

Some templates allow you to choose your very own custom colors. For example, you can choose a custom background color, highlight color, button color, etc. If your template supports custom colors, you'll see one or more color wells appear at the bottom of your project window (make sure you're viewing the Messages tab). Simply click on the color well to select your custom color.

If you are not using a template (or are using the Plain template), you can change the document background color

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