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  1. About autoresponders
  2. About autoresponder reports
  3. Creating an autoresponder
  4. Editing an autoresponder
  5. How autoresponder emails are billed
  6. Manually triggering an autoresponder
  7. Organizing your autoresponders into folders
  8. Pausing an autoresponder
  9. Restarting a paused autoresponder
  10. Using the "Adding a new address via the API" trigger
  11. Using the "Clicking a link in an email campaign" trigger
  12. Using the "Editing an address" trigger
  13. Using the "Opening an email campaign" trigger
  14. Using the "Subscribing to a mailing list" trigger
  15. Using the "Trigger after another autoresponder" trigger
  16. Using the "Trigger based on a date" trigger
  17. Why autoresponders require the cloud