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About Direct Mail projects

Direct Mail saves all of your email campaign data (including messages, mailing lists, and reports) in a Project file on your hard drive or in the cloud. The first time you open Direct Mail, this file is created automatically for you (in the Documents folder). The next time you open Direct Mail, it will automatically open the most recently used Project.

Should I create additional Project files?

The typical user of Direct Mail will only need one project file. Remember, one project file can contain multiple messages, mailing lists, and reports. However, if you are sending email on behalf of several clients, creating individual Project files for each client is a great way to keep things separated. You can create a new Project by choosing File > New Project from the menu bar.

Can I open my Project from multiple Macs?

Yes. If you move your project to the cloud, you can access your project from any Mac. You can also share your project with other Direct Mail users. Click here for more information about moving your project to the cloud.

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