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Keep your campaigns working, even when you’re not! Direct Mail’s automation tools let you create campaigns that send automatically.

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Use Direct Mail's autoresponder feature to automate your campaigns

What Can I Automate?

Tell Direct Mail when to send an email on your behalf, automatically, using autoresponders! For example, you can trigger an email when someone joins your mailing list (and a follow-up one week later). Autoresponders are highly customizable, easy to use, and come with the same great reporting features you already know and love.

  • Let your subscribers know they’re important to you by sending them a celebratory wish, or a special promotion, every year on their birthday.
  • Create a weekly email training course to nurture leads or generate interest in your business.
  • Send appointment reminders to your customers in advance—without having to remind yourself!
  • Find out what your subscribers are interested in, and reward them for it, when they click on a specific link in your email campaign.

Integrate With Everything

Not a programmer? No problem. Use Zapier to connect Direct Mail to over 1,000 other web apps and services you already use.

See how customers are connecting Direct Mail to Slack, PayPal, Google Sheets, and more!

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Detailed Reports

Our dashboard gives you clear summary of key campaign metrics, including opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. See what the most popular links are, as well as top email clients. Easily share reports with coworkers or clients via the cloud, the web, PDF, or spreadsheet.


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