Create & Send Beautiful Email
Newsletters from Your Mac

Composing an email campaign using the built-in editor in Direct Mail

Build your Newsletter from the Ground Up

Direct Mail has everything you need to create stylish email newsletters. Choose your look from over 80 professionally-designed templates (or import your own). Customize images, colors, layouts, and content using the simple Mac interface you're already familiar with. Personalize your message with mail-merge fields. Preview your finished product in over 20 of the top email clients, including live mobile previews on your iPhone and iPad!

Reports You Can Use

It’s one thing to send a newsletter. It’s another to know how it performed and how to make it better. With Direct Mail you get an instant summary of metrics including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces and side-by-side comparison views. Plus, we've made it convenient to review your reports on the go with our iPhone/iPad app Stamps

Comparing email campaign reports in Direct Mail

Mailing List Love

We know your mailing list is golden. That’s why we make it a snap to import contacts from other Mac apps you use like Contacts, Mail, Excel, and more. Grow your list by adding a subscribe form to your website that syncs with Direct Mail automatically. You can add customs fields, target specific readers, and manage with ease. We'll handle your unsubscribes and bounces.

Fast & Easy

Not too many like being described in those words, but we don’t mind. We’ve built an email marketing app for your Mac that’ll knock your socks off. It’s easy, efficient, and powerful. With Direct Mail, you get more than just a newsletter. You get the tools you need to create and deliver successful marketing campaigns from start fo finish.

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