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Choosing which addresses to send to

When you click Send, you are presented with a window where you can choose the address groups you want to send your message to. Click the checkbox next to each group that you want to send to.

By default, Direct Mail will skip any email address that has been marked as unsubscribed or hard bounced.

Duplicate Email Addresses

Direct Mail automatically skips duplicate email addresses that it finds in each group (and across groups). If you want to force Direct Mail to send to these duplicates, hold down the Option/Alt key when you click the blue Send button.

Sending to a Subset of Your Group

By default, Direct Mail only sends to addresses that have a check next to their name in the Addresses tab. In this example, John will be skipped, but Mary will be sent to:


Sending to Selected Addresses Only

Instead of using the Send window to choose which address groups to send to, you can select recipients in the Addresses tab instead. This gives you more flexibility in choosing who to send to. Here's how:

  1. In the Addresses tab, select the addresses you want to send to: send-selected-addresses.png
  2. Choose Message > Send Message from the menu bar (or click Send in the toolbar)
  3. Check the "Selected addresses only" box: send-to-selected-only.png

In this example, both John and Mary would be sent to because they are both selected (When using the "Selected addresses only" option, John is included even though his name is not checked).

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