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Adding a subscribe form to your Facebook Page

If your organization or business has a Facebook Page, you can add a subscribe form to it in just a few easy steps:

  1. If you haven't already, create a subscribe form
  2. After you've created your form, double-click the address group your form is attached to (or click Edit Form)
  3. Click on Add Form to Website and choose "Add to Facebook Page"
  4. You will be taken to Facebook in your web browser to complete the process.

Note that you cannot add subscribe forms to personal profile pages on Facebook (only business or organization Facebook Pages).

If you use a custom "unconfirmed subscribers" URL

If you have configured your subscribe form (in the Options tab) to redirect unconfirmed subscribers to a custom URL, please make sure that the URL you are using begins with "https:". Some web browsers will not allow a subscribe form served via HTTPS to redirect to a non-HTTPS page.

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