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Sharing your project with others

Direct Mail projects in the cloud can be shared with other Direct Mail users:

  1. Select File > Share from the menu bar at the top of the screen (or click the popup arrow in your project's title bar)
  2. Click the "+" icon
  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the project with
  4. Select what level of permission you want to grant that person (see below for details)
  5. Click Share

If the person you are sharing with doesn't have a Direct Mail account yet, they'll be sent an invitation via email to sign up. Collaborators can sign up for free accounts that let them access the project you shared with them.

If the person you are sharing with already has a Direct Mail account, they'll get an email notification and an in-app notification.


When you share your project, you can give each collaborator a different level of access to your data:

  • Owner: Each project can have only one owner. Owners have complete control over the project, are the only ones that can add or remove collaborators, and are the only ones that can remove a project from the cloud. You may transfer ownership of a project to another user.
  • Edit & Send: Users can edit project data, send campaigns, and start autoresponders.
  • Edit: Users can edit project data, but cannot send campaigns or start autoresponders.
  • View: Users can view all project data, but cannot edit or send.

Campaigns are billed to the owner's account

All email campaigns, autoresponders, and design tests are billed to the owner of the project. If you grant another user permission to send campaigns from a project that you own, any campaigns he or she sends will use your email credits or monthly billing.

Changing the owner of a project

The current owner of a project can transfer ownership of the project to someone else. This is done by adding the new owner in the “Share” window and giving them the permission level of Owner. The current owner must then change their permission level to something other than Owner, or remove their name from the list of users.

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