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If your changes don't sync

If changes you make to your Direct Mail project do not synchronize across your devices, here are some things to check:

  1. Make sure that both computers are connected to the Internet.
  2. Make sure that your project is, in fact, stored in the cloud. You can do this by holding down the command key on your keyboard and clicking the name of the project in window titlebar. If the project is stored in the cloud, you should see a cloud icon with the word "Cloud" next to it. Repeat this check on both computers.
  3. It's possible that one or both computers is taking a bit longer to sync than normal because it is trying to sync a large amount of data. This could be because of an especially large campaign, or because it is syncing a large image or attachment. You'll know when a project is syncing when the title of the window says "Syncing…".
  4. If the title of the window says "Sync Failed", click the popup menu next to the words "Sync Failed" for more information on what might be wrong.
  5. Check that your macOS disk is not full. If it is getting full, try freeing up some space by deleting unused files.
  6. Try quitting and re-opening Direct Mail

If all else fails, try signing out of your Direct Mail account and signing back in. You'll want to do this on the computer that appears to not be receiving any changes:

  1. Choose Direct Mail > Direct Mail Account from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click Sign Out
  3. Click Sign In

After signing in, choose File > Open from Cloud to re-open your cloud document.

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