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About sharing your Direct Mail projects

Direct Mail projects can be shared with other Direct Mail users. In order to facilitate sharing, your project must first be moved to the cloud.

By default, new Direct Mail projects that you create are saved on your Mac. If you have a paid Direct Mail account, however, you can move your projects into the cloud. Some of the benefits of moving your project into the cloud include:

  • Worry-free backups. We take care of making sure your data is safe and sound.
  • Easy access to your data from all your devices. Projects in the cloud can be opened and edited from any Mac that you sign in to. Changes are automatically synced to all your devices (including Stamps on iOS).
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues. Direct Mail projects can be shared with anyone that has a Direct Mail account. Limit colleagues to viewing-only, or allow them full access to edit and send.
  • Access to powerful autoresponder features.
  • API access to your projects.

Please see the related articles for more information about the cloud and about sharing your project.

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