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If your campaign status is "In Review"

Most email campaigns sent via Direct Mail are delivered right away (or at the time you scheduled). However, some email campaigns are temporarily delayed so that a human being from our deliverability team can review the campaign first. The purpose of the review is to help safeguard your email reputation and our email service by finding and fixing issues that would otherwise result in spam complaints or deliverability problems.

Manual reviews can be triggered for a variety of reasons and are not cause for concern. During business hours, most reviews are completed within a matter of minutes. During off-hours, reviews may take a little longer. If our team requires additional information from you, an email will be sent to both your Direct Mail account email address and the "From" or "Reply To" address of the email campaign. Once the review is complete, the campaign will be sent automatically. No action is required on your part.

If you would like to make a correction to an email campaign that is in review, please cancel the delivery and send again.

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