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  1. About autoresponders
  2. About autoresponder reports
  3. Creating an autoresponder
  4. Editing an autoresponder
  5. Pausing an autoresponder
  6. Restarting a paused autoresponder
  7. Manually triggering an autoresponder
  8. Organizing your autoresponders into folders
  9. Using the "Adding a new address via the API" trigger
  10. Using the "Clicking a link in an email campaign" trigger
  11. Using the "Editing an address" trigger
  12. Using the "Opening an email campaign" trigger
  13. Using the "Subscribing to a mailing list" trigger
  14. Using the "Trigger after another autoresponder" trigger
  15. Using the "Trigger based on a date" trigger
  16. How autoresponder emails are billed
  17. Email Automation: How to Send Follow-Up Emails To Your SubscribersBlog