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Email campaign report dashboard in Direct Mail

Seeing is Believing

Our dashboard gives you clear summary of key campaign metrics, including opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. See what the most popular links are, as well as top email clients and geographic locations.

Detailed Subscriber Activity

Direct Mail generates activity reports for each individual subscriber. Drill down into the details to see how your readers interact with your email campaigns, including what links they click or when they open each campaign.

Individual subscriber activity report in Direct Mail

“I use this to send emails to all my clients. Easy to send emails and the reporting is fantastic. I used [a competitor] for a while, but I tried this and never looked back.”

Greg J
5-Star Rating on Capterra

Live Updating

Click Send and watch results come in immediately as your subscribers open and engage with your email. Updates are pushed right to your screen without clicking refresh.

Google Analytics Integration

One-click integration with Google Analytics lets you link user activity on your website back to the email campaigns that brought them there.

Made For Mac

Don’t settle for a clumsy, slow browser-based solution. Direct Mail is a native app designed specifically for macOS, supporting all of the latest technologies, and making full use of the powerful hardware inside your Mac.

More Than Just Reporting

With Direct Mail, you get all the tools you need to create and send successful email marketing campaigns from start fo finish, including features to help you grow and manage your mailing list.

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