Good Things Come in “3’s”

e3 Software is very excited to announce the launch of the all-new Direct Mail 3! With over 100 new enhancements and a brand new engine under the hood, we are sure that Direct Mail 3 will surprise and delight both old and new users. Let’s take a look at some of what’s new and improved.

What’s New

Since the release of Direct Mail 2, we have been delighted to receive feedback from customers all over the world. We have used your feedback to rethink and reshape every nook and cranny of the application. Some of the most exciting changes involve the message editor, application performance, campaign tracking, and even pricing plans.


New in Direct Mail 3 is support for HTML email templates! Right out of the box, Direct Mail comes with a gallery of beautiful templates that you can edit with our all-new WYSIWYG editor. Edit images, rearrange sections, and add links with ease. Our editor even works with any Apple Mail stationery that you may have installed on your computer. If you outgrow our gallery of built-in templates, Direct Mail works with any HTML email template that you can find on the web (and even understands the template languages of other email apps). You won’t find a faster, easier to use template editor. We hope you like it!


This thing is fast! The engine powering Direct Mail 3 has been completely rebuilt to take advantage of all the horsepower in your shiny new Mac. No matter the size of your mailing list, or complexity of your email, you won’t find yourself waiting. Delivery is up to 33% faster, too! Lastly, now you can continue to use Direct Mail while your mailing sends in the background.


The best part of any email campaign is watching the results roll in. The new column-based list of histories makes it easy to compare metrics between campaigns (or try selecting two or more histories for an even better look). A brand new summary page shows you a great graphical representation of key delivery numbers. Direct Mail now shows even more detailed information about your recipients, including what email client they use. Our favorite new feature? Switch over to the map view and watch the pins drop in real time as folks open your email—no refreshing necessary!


Last but not least, we’re very happy to introduce a new monthly subscription plan for users that send frequently. Send as much as you like, for one low monthly rate. Not only that, but we’ve reworked the purchasing process to make it as smooth and seamless as possible, including one-click purchasing of email credits!

Full Speed Ahead

We hope you enjoy all the new features of Direct Mail 3. We’ll be featuring new tips and tricks in our monthly newsletter (you can subscribe to our newsletter from inside the app, or right here) as well as ways to make email marketing work better for your business. Also, don’t miss our MacBook Air giveaway contest starting Thursday!