Tip: Emphasize Your Brand Colors

Color plays a crucial role in marketing. It’s often the first thing people think of when your brand comes to mind, and is the first thing they see when interacting with your brand. Your email marketing should work to reinforce your brand’s colors—and Direct Mail makes doing so super easy. 

Our template library features a wide variety of color schemes. But did you know that Direct Mail can automatically generate a color scheme for your email that matches and emphasizes your brand’s colors? Here’s how to give it a try:

  1. Select your message
  2. Click the “Colors & Fonts” button
  3. Click the “Colors” pop-up menu at the top

Choose “Create Color Scheme from Image…”

Choose an image file that contains your brand’s logo and click “Open”. Direct Mail will instantly analyze the image and generate a color scheme using the colors found in your logo. You can tweak the results in the “Colors and Fonts” panel or, if you don’t like it, choose “Edit > Undo Change Color Scheme” from the menu bar.

Colors are a great brand identifier and can help you cultivate emotional connections with your customers. Use Direct Mail’s color scheme generator to quickly and easily turn a generic looking email into a powerful tool for brand awareness.

Time to Prep Your Black Friday Email Campaigns!

The build-up, the craze, and the last call. That’s how recent Google consumer research has described the three phases of Black Friday. With this important retail event on the horizon, it’s time to get ready to launch your holiday sales season! 

We’ve gathered some great resources to help you jump start your marketing and close out 2022 with a bang:

Email marketing is a key channel to reach your customers during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and throughout the season. Learn how to use Direct Mail to automate follow-up emails to your subscribers, and get crucial feedback with subscriber polls.

Tip: Checking for Broken Links

The last thing anyone wants is to email out a broken link to thousands of subscribers. Don’t worry, Direct Mail has you covered! Our built-in link checker tests all of the links in your email (even the ones in the footer you forgot about) and alerts you to any issues before you send.

To test your links, choose “Message > New Spam Test” from the menu bar, or click the “Spam Test” button in the toolbar. You’ll get a handy report of any issues that Direct Mail found in your message, including broken links.

Tip: Organize Your Messages with Folders

Depending on how often you send, it may not take long for you to accumulate a large collection of messages inside your Direct Mail project. Need to bring some order to that chaos (and don’t want to delete your past emails)? Try message folders!

You can use folders to organize your list of messages into whatever scheme makes sense for you: by topic, by year, by month, etc. Folders can contain nested folders, for fine-grained organization.

To create a folder, click the pop-up arrow next to the New button in the toolbar and choose New Message Folder. You can add message (and folders) to your folder by dragging and dropping message thumbnails from your list into the folder. Happy organizing!

Stay Engaged With Your Subscribers by Remembering These Important Dates

As we roll into fall, it’s important to stay engaged with your subscribers. Not only is the fall season filled with a multitude of holidays to offer promotions, it’s also a good time to raise brand awareness, highlight causes important to you, or even just let your customers know how much you appreciate them.

Here’s a list of upcoming holidays that you may want to keep on your radar. Each of them can be a great reason to reach out to your subscribers. We’ve also included some suggested subject lines to help get your creative juices flowing. If you need fall-themed images for your emails, Unsplash is a great resource.

Don’t forget that Direct Mail makes it easy to schedule email campaigns in advance. Set it and forget it!

Labor Day. Signaling the end of summer and time for one last BBQ, day at the beach or fun in the sun before the colder weather sets in. A good time to reach out with a special promotion or Labor Day sale.

Subject Ideas: Last Chance For Labor Day! Labor Day Sales Event Is Here 🤑

Halloween. A day not just for the kids, many times it can be a celebration for all marked with parties, candies and more. The perfect time to reach out with your spookiest deals.

Subject Ideas: Our Spooky Sales Event! Wicked Sales Are Flying By 🧙‍♀️

Veterans Day. Though promotions are common on Veterans Day, it’s also a great time to recognize all those who have served.

Subject Idea: Honoring Veterans. Thank You For Your Service 🇺🇸

Thanksgiving. Whether it be October 10 for Canadian Thanksgiving or November 24 for Thanksgiving in the United States, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for reflections on what we have and what you can offer to your recipients. 

Subject Ideas: A Cornucopia Of Sales! It’s Turkey Time 🦃

Black Friday. Usually a strong time to promote deals, Black Friday can be also be a good time to follow-up on your Thanksgiving messages. 

Subject Ideas: Black Friday Ending Soon! Don’t Miss Black Friday Deals 💵

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