Upgrading From Direct Mail 2 to 3.0

We are very happy to bring Direct Mail 3.0 to all of our fantastic Direct Mail 2 customers at no additional charge. We think you’re going to love it. In speaking with customers about the upgrade, however, we’ve heard some common questions and want to address them here.

“Do I need a subscription now? I thought you said it was free?!”

No, you do not need a subscription and yes, it really is a free upgrade! Along with Direct Mail 3, we have introduced an optional monthly subscription plan to our e3 Delivery Service. This a great option for frequent senders, as it gives you access to our speedy, reliable email delivery service at a low monthly rate. It is, however, completely optional. You do not need to pay anything additional to use Direct Mail 3.

“Why do I need an account now?”

Previously, you used a registration code to unlock Direct Mail’s features. Now, instead of using a registration code, Direct Mail will automatically sign you in to your e3 Delivery Service account in the background when you open the application (even if you don’t use e3 Delivery Service, you’ll still have an account). Using an account instead of a registration code is great for several reasons, including:

  • Easier access to purchasing email credits or switching plans
  • Easier to share your account across multiple machines
  • Easier to update your email address with us so we can notify you of issues with your emails (for example, spam complaints)
  • Easier for us to prevent spammers from hurting the quality of service for legitimate users

“How do I sign in to my e3 Delivery Service account?”

The first time you use Direct Mail 3, we will try and sign you in automatically (by referencing your old Direct Mail 2 registration code). If it doesn’t work for some reason, then you can sign in using the following credentials:

Email: (the email address you used when purchasing Direct Mail 2)
Password: (the registration code you received after purchasing Direct Mail 2)

You can find both of these pieces of information in the email receipt that was sent to you (from Kagi).

“Can I open my Direct Mail 2 projects in Direct Mail 3?”

Yes! Direct Mail 3 can open and use any project from Direct Mail 2.

“Anything else I should know?”

Nope! We think you’re going to really love the new features and enhancements in Direct Mail 3. Stay tuned to this blog for regular articles on new features—or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or our monthly newsletter. If you have any questions about upgrading, please contact us!