Upgrading From Direct Mail 2 to 3.0

We are very happy to bring Direct Mail 3.0 to all of our fantastic Direct Mail 2 customers at no additional charge. We think you’re going to love it. In speaking with customers about the upgrade, however, we’ve heard some common questions and want to address them here.

“Do I need a subscription now? I thought you said it was free?!”

No, you do not need a subscription and yes, it really is a free upgrade! Along with Direct Mail 3, we have introduced an optional monthly subscription plan to our e3 Delivery Service. This a great option for frequent senders, as it gives you access to our speedy, reliable email delivery service at a low monthly rate. It is, however, completely optional. You do not need to pay anything additional to use Direct Mail 3.

“Why do I need an account now?”

Previously, you used a registration code to unlock Direct Mail’s features. Now, instead of using a registration code, Direct Mail will automatically sign you in to your e3 Delivery Service account in the background when you open the application (even if you don’t use e3 Delivery Service, you’ll still have an account). Using an account instead of a registration code is great for several reasons, including:

  • Easier access to purchasing email credits or switching plans
  • Easier to share your account across multiple machines
  • Easier to update your email address with us so we can notify you of issues with your emails (for example, spam complaints)
  • Easier for us to prevent spammers from hurting the quality of service for legitimate users

“How do I sign in to my e3 Delivery Service account?”

The first time you use Direct Mail 3, we will try and sign you in automatically (by referencing your old Direct Mail 2 registration code). If it doesn’t work for some reason, then you can sign in using the following credentials:

Email: (the email address you used when purchasing Direct Mail 2)
Password: (the registration code you received after purchasing Direct Mail 2)

You can find both of these pieces of information in the email receipt that was sent to you (from Kagi).

“Can I open my Direct Mail 2 projects in Direct Mail 3?”

Yes! Direct Mail 3 can open and use any project from Direct Mail 2.

“Anything else I should know?”

Nope! We think you’re going to really love the new features and enhancements in Direct Mail 3. Stay tuned to this blog for regular articles on new features—or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or our monthly newsletter. If you have any questions about upgrading, please contact us!


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  1. Eddie

    Is there an upgrade path from version 1?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Eddie,

      We don’t have an upgrade path from version 1.0 at this time.


  2. Donkey

    Hello Folks:

    Just a couple of days ago, I downloaded the Direct Mail App through the App Store in Mexico – and I then purchased a Credit Package for the e3 delivery service.

    However, I noticed today, that the Direct Mail App has been recently removed from the App Store in Mexico. I don’t know if by you or by Apple, but it is kind of strange since I was able to download it a couple of days ago – as well as to purchase a Credit Package using the App Store as well.

    Does it mean you are no longer going to offer your app and services at the Mac App Store in Mexico? What about if I want to buy more credit packages later on – using the in-app purchase option through the App Store in Mexico?

    If I change the location on the App Store from Mexico to USA your app is still there, so, maybe you should check with Apple to see why your app is no longer available at the App Store in Mexico.

    How am I supposed to apply any updates or buy more credit packages for the e3 service if your app is no longer accessible through my local App Store.

    Hope I can see you back at the App Store in Mexico.


    • raenner


      Thanks for the comment! We did temporarily remove Direct Mail from all non-USA App Stores last Sunday due to a bug we discovered that, in rare cases, would result in the list prices for the various credit prices being displayed incorrectly. We have since fixed the bug (and a few others) and have submitted an update to Apple for review. It will be available in Mexico again (and all App Stores) as soon as Apple approves it.

    • Jonathan

      Just wanted to follow up and let you know that the 3.0.4 update has been approved by Apple and should be appearing in App Store around the world shortly. Thanks!

  3. Kayla

    The new version is messing up my fonts when I look at my newsletters on my iphone. The newsletter I designed uses Comic Sans MS, then when I preview it on my iphone it is in cursive and completely illegible. This is very disappointing, as I have worked very hard to finish this newsletter, and now half my clients will not be able to read it.

    • Jonathan

      Hi Kayla,

      Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t come with the Comic Sans MS font installed, which explains why you’re seeing something other than what you’d expect. Try using a different font for better results. You can use the “Preview on iPhone/iPad” feature to see, in real-time, what your message will look like on iPhone—look for the toolbar button in the Preview window.