New API, New Integrations

Alongside the Direct Mail 4.1 update, we are happy to announce today the release of our brand new API. For those who are asking themselves right now “what in the world is an API?”, a good answer is: a way for computer programs to talk to each other. An even better answer is: a powerful new way to integrate Direct Mail with many of the websites and services you use every day. The new API allows apps and websites full access to your Direct Mail project (with your permission, of course), including messages, mailing lists, campaign reports, and more. If you are a developer, you can get started right away building custom integrations with Direct Mail. If you are not a developer, we have an exciting announcement for you, too…

Integrate With Over 400 Apps and Websites

Included in our new API is support for the popular service Zapier. With Zapier, you can connect the apps you use to easily move data between them. It makes integrating and automating your workflow a snap. For example, you can automatically:

  • Add Salesforce contacts to your Direct Mail mailing list
  • Use Wufoo entries to create Direct Mail subscribers
  • Add PayPal customers to your Direct Mail mailing list
  • Add SurveyMonkey respondents to your Direct Mail mailing list
  • Post sent email campaigns to your LinkedIn feed
  • …and much more

To get started with Zapier, you’ll need to visit their website to create an account. Our integration with Zapier is still in beta, but if you want to get an early start, click this link to use our app with their service. Update: Our Zapier integration is now live and ready to go. We think you’ll love it!

Developer Details

You can find a complete API developer’s guide posted in the support section of our website. In short, though, the API is a web-based REST API that you can access from any programming language (or even just good old curl). We support several webhooks, as well. If you have been using our version 1 API, don’t worry, we will continue to support it going forward. It is, however, officially deprecated.

Direct Mail projects that have been moved to the cloud are fully accessible, including read and write support for messages, address groups, addresses, and reports. Changes made via the API are synced to the user’s Mac the next time they open Direct Mail.

We are excited to see kinds of integrations you build! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or requests for features or integrations you’d like to see. For a long time, Direct Mail has supported integrations with top-notch OS X apps. We’re happy now to open the door to integrating with an entire universe of great web-based applications, too.