November 2015

WordPress Plugin Updated

Good news if you use our WordPress plugin! We gave our plugin some love last week and have an updated version ready for you to try. The new version works better with the latest changes in WordPress and is more compatible with a broader variety of themes. You can upgrade by logging into your WordPress control panel, going to the Plugins section, and clicking “Update Now”.

What’s a Plugin?

If you use WordPress, the plugin is a fast and easy way to integrate your subscribe form right into your blog. What better way to grow your mailing list? Check out this help article for instructions on how to get started.

4.2.4 Update Now Available

We went live with our version 4.2.4 update late last week and I thought I’d mention a few of the improvements that we think will have broad impact.



We have optimized the way that campaign reports are updated and accessed. The end result is that you’ll find your campaign reports load much faster (and don’t require as much CPU). If you’re on a laptop, this means better battery life!

OS X 10.11 Bug Fixes

Some of the performance improvements mentioned above were enabled by changes in Apple’s new operating system, OS X 10.11. Unfortunately, some new bugs were “enabled”, as well. This update to Direct Mail fixes those bugs, including issues that could cause Direct Mail to crash when using the Preview window or clicking Send.

Additional Improvements

We have added the iPad Pro screen resolution to the Preview window. You’ll also see that the campaign report comparison view now shows data for the number of opens and clicks in the initial 24 hour period of a campaign. This makes it easier to compare campaign performance without having to wait several days for all the opens and clicks to roll in.

How to Upgrade

Upgrading is easy: open up the Direct Mail app and choose Direct Mail > Check for Software Update from the menu bar at the top of the screen. If you’re using a copy of Direct Mail from the Mac App Store, please be patient with us as we wait for Apple to approve the new update the update can be downloaded from the Updates tab inside the App Store.